In this tutorial we will look at a third party logistics service provider whose services include warehouse storage and inventory management, order fulfillment and shipping.

Take on the roles of our colleague Jennifer from the sales department, warehouse workers Larry and Nancy, dispatcher Ben, picker Alex and packer Tyler and work through our step-by-step tutorial to get an insight into the most important features of Warehouse Star!

The tutorial is structured in several chapters. In each one of these chapters, we will work with a web or mobile app and use it to perform specific tasks.

At first, we will look at the master data web app, so you can get an overview of the entire warehouse structure and organization. Then we will create an ASN for an incoming delivery, and upon arrival we will register the incoming goods in the reception area. Afterwards we´ll store the goods in the high-bay storage area.

Next, we will fulfill a placed order by creating a picking request and a picklist for the ordered items. After picking the needed items using a picklist, we will transport the picked order to the packing area, where it will be packed and prepared for shipping. Finally, we will conclude the tutorial by booking the packed order into the outgoing goods zone, where it will be picked up by a freight carrier and then be delivered to the customer.

You can place a check mark at the end of each chapter after successfully completing the task. The next time you log in to the customer center, you will know directly where to continue! Just have a look at the right sidebar, the completed chapters will be checked off.

It will take you about 30-60 minutes to work through the whole tutorial.

As an alternative to the online version, you can also download the tutorial here as a PDF! (You will still need the Customer Center and internet access to open the individual web and mobile apps.)



Let´s go!🤩


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