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Vivien Garcia

Vivien Garcia

Product Insights: Order picking web app and Picking mobile app

Order picking is a central process in the warehouse. Customer orders have to be processed in a short time without errors. Individual customer requirements, like documentation requirements, batch tracing, compliance with best-before-dates, etc., have to be considered.

The Order picking web app and the Picking mobile app from our Warehouse Star Collection enable a comfortable and efficient implementation of this important process in your warehouse. Before we describe the use of these two apps in detail, we would like to briefly describe their basic functions and interaction:

The Order picking web app of our Warehouse Star Collection offers you a clearly structured interface for managing your picking orders. Outgoing deliveries can automatically be imported into the app from a higher-level (ERP) system, uploaded via a CSV file or created there manually.

Uebersicht Kommissionieren

Once a picking list has been released in the Order picking web app, it is available on your shipping employee's mobile device in the Picking mobile app. Paper-based picking lists are a thing of the past. Your work processes in the warehouse always remain transparent and errors when picking goods are avoided.

It takes just a few clicks to create picking lists with the Order picking web app in consideration of various storage strategies (e. g. FIFO, FEFO, full pallets, etc.). You can also merge several deliveries into one picking list here.

How does that work in practice?

First call up the form for creating a delivery in the Order picking web app, which allows you to enter various data.

Neue Lieferung

After a new delivery has been created, it is ready for entering the items:

Eingabe Position

When entering a position, you can select an item and add further information, such as number of pieces, batch, serial numbers or best-before dates.

Positionen hinzufuegen

Lieferung freigeben

You can add several positions directly here. They will automatically be created as pending by clicking on Done. Back in the order overview, you can release your delivery and create the picking lists.

The picking lists for the outgoing delivery can either be created via an automated workflow or manually. After it, they can finally be released for your employees in the warehouse.

Automatic workflows can be configured via various settings.
You can create a manual picking list using the "Picking list" button.

Kommi Liste erzeugen

Eingabe WA Platz

A picking strategy and the destination must be specified in the dialog for a manual creation of the picking list.

Every picking list you create has to be released. After approval, it will be available in the Picking mobile app on the mobile end devices in the warehouse.

Freigabe Kommi Liste

Your shipping employee can now pick the goods from the storage locations and make them available in the shipping area. After clicking on a picking order, an overview of all picking positions will appear.

Kommi pickpositionen
Kommi auftrag

An item can be removed by selecting it from the list and confirming the removal by clicking on the "Remove" button.

You can configure in the setup that the storage unit, the storage location or the article has to be scanned for control. You can jump back and forwards between the individual positions by swiping to the right or to the left.

Position entnommen

The order is completely processed when all items have been removed. The goods are then ready to be packed and ready for delivery.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone +49 231 / 993 201 50 or by e-mail to mail@bitergo.de.

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