Digitization in the Nüllig & Haß warehouse

To optimize processes in the warehouse, Nüllig & Haß relies on the Warehouse Star Apps from Bitergo. The efficiency of the order processing processes has been significantly increased since 2018.

All processes - from goods receipt, storage and picking to goods issue - are mapped with the help of the apps.


The challenge

- Warehouse processes previously based on Excel were to be automated

- There was no WLAN infrastructure in the warehouse, an alternative solution had to be found here


The solution

At the start of the project, all employees were equipped with mobile handheld devices that connect to the Internet via LTE. connection to the Internet.

The apps that map all processes in the warehouse were installed on these devices.


Benefits of Warehouse Star Apps

By introducing a mobile, digital warehouse management system, Nüllig & Haß benefits from significantly faster and more efficient processing of orders in the warehouse. Although Excel-based processes are a first step towards digitization, they are very error-prone due to considerable manual effort.

App-based warehouse management with our warehouse apps minimizes errors. The near-real-time processing of data enables significantly faster order processing. Stocks and goods movements can be tracked at any time.

About Nüllig & Haß

The forwarding company Nüllig & Haß has been active in the transport sector for 25 years. In addition to classic forwarding services, Nüllig & Haß is also successfully active for its customers in the field of warehouse management, among other things.

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