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Vivien Garcia

Vivien Garcia

The main task of the goods inbound process is the collection of incoming goods. For this purpose, our Warehouse Star offers both the Mobile App Incoming Goods for quick data entry in the warehouse and the Web App Incoming Goods for processing in the office


The shipping notification contains preliminary information about an incoming goods delivery, which is sent by the supplier to the recipient.

The Web App Incoming Goods also offers an overview of the existing shipping notifications, which can be in different conditions ( states).

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When receiving incoming goods via Mobile App Incoming Goods, the first step is to select the goods receiving in where the goods are to be stored.

You then select one of the three options to perform a goods receipt:

1. Goods receipt against payment advice:

With the regular goods receipt against payment advice, data such as advice no., article no., quantity, etc. are available, but no pallet information. You select the appropriate advice note, scan the article, stick a label from the roll onto the storage unit and post the article.

2. Incoming Goods with SSCC (Serial Shipping Container Code):

This is a so-called pallet notification: You receive detailed pallet information per article from your ordered articles. At goods receipt only the pallet ID is scanned. All other information is filled in automatically.

3. Goods receipt without advice:

This goods receipt is without information. It is manually posted what was delivered. It is not posted against payment advice.

It is possible to take prefabricated pallet labels from the roll as well as to print your own labels. This is possible from the mobile as well as from the web app. A self-generated label can look like this, for example:

Your goods receipt is now ready for storage. This will be the topic of our next article.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone +49 231 / 993 201 50 or by e-mail to mail@bitergo.de.

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