Warehouse Star apps in DEE's external warehouse

Jasper Heinz

"We have now been using your program for a good 4 months and are very satisfied. I would like to thank Dominik for the always fast and uncomplicated help. Thanks to the help we were able to ensure a smooth implementation in a very short time. With Warehouse Star, we have optimized our processes and are now transparent at all times."
- Jasper Heinz

Warehouse Star set-up on-site at DEE

Bitergo's Warehouse Star apps have been in operation in DEE's external warehouse since May 2021. The external warehouse is operated by asuri GmbH - a warehouse and logistics outsourcing service provider. The whole logistics process here can be described as a "classic case" covering all of the standard workflows from goods receipt to picking and shipping.

The process cycle

Every week, goods are delivered, the warehouse is stocked and the goods are shipped out again.

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The orders come in from the DEE ERP system and are imported by DEE into the Warehouse Star system for picking. There the shipments are created and authorised

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Every Monday, the goods come from upstream suppliers in various lorries to asuri.

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asuri begins processing shipments on Tuesdays. The employees print out the picklists and collect the goods from the warehouse.

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asuri then despatches goods throughout the week. The data is transferred into the ERP system by DEE.

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